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Web VR & AR engine
Making high performance 3D graphics on the Web
more accessible.
VR browser games portal
Free VR games in your web browser.
VR browser game
Featured on the Oculus Browser
on Oculus Quest and GO
VR browser game
Featured on the Oculus Browser
on Oculus Quest
VR browser game
Built in C++, WebAssembly and WebGL
Narrative VR Experience | VR Movie
Development Lead (Unity)
Paper-toss game (UE4)
Speedreading game (UE4)
Medical VR
Assisting development (UE4)

Vhite Rabbit Podcast

Podcast about WebXR - VR and AR on the Web.

Hosted by Vhite Rabbit, the developers behind the VR browser games portal "Construct Arcade". We dicuss topics from projects we've worked on or found on the web, frameworks, recent news and more. We primarily cover Virtual Reality, but also Augmented Reality.

Listen here.


Our team started Virtual Reality development in 2013. We since gained experience with Augmented Reality and especially VR and AR on the web. Here is what we can do for you:


  • A-Frame, Three.js
  • Magnum/C++ to WebAssembly
  • WebXR Device API


  • A-Frame, Three.js
  • AR.js, 8thwall
  • WebXR Device API

Meet our team

Vhite Rab­bit is com­prised of two parts: the Vhite Rab­bit Com­pa­ny, who are em­ploy­ees and founders, which is re­spon­si­ble for com­mer­cial prod­ucts and comis­sion work. And sec­ond the Vhite Rab­bit Hob­by Team, a group of stu­dents who are sup­port­ed by the Vhite Rab­bit Com­pa­ny and build VR and AR game projects and ex­per­i­ments.

The com­pa­ny was found­ed by Jonathan Hale and Flo­ri­an Isik­ci in Au­gust 2018 to build Con­struct Ar­cade, the world’s first VR brows­er games plat­form. We are main­ly based in Kon­stanz, Ger­many, but most of our work done re­mote.

Want to work at Vhite Rab­bit? Check out our job open­in­gs.

This is Vhite Rab­bit:


Jonathan Hale

Vhite Rab­bit co-founder, en­gine de­vel­op­ment lead, ac­count­ing, and ev­ery­thing else.

Florian Isikci

Vhite Rab­bit co-founder, lead We­bXR games and de­vel­op­er and project man­ag­er, JavaScript and web de­vel­op­er.

Ferry Abt

Da­ta an­a­lyt­ics spe­cial­ist and de­vel­op­er.

Darius Patzner

We­bXR de­vel­op­er at Vhite Rab­bit.

Extended Team

Andrea Capobianco

Da­ta sci­en­tist, game- and en­gine de­vel­op­er.

Falk Ridder

Cre­ative lead, pro­duces all our con­cept- and tex­ture art, lo­gos and thumb­nail de­signs.

Max Stenke

Fron­tend web de­vel­op­er.